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Lakes around the Klopeiner See

The Klopeiner See

Lake Klopeiner See

Welcome to the Klopeiner See:
the warmest lake of Austria up
(to28°), with drinking water-
quality, amid a wonderful,
colourful landscape.
Holiday fun at the lake and
entertainment at the beach

Klopeinersee: altitude 446 m,
1800 m long and 900 m wide,
48 m deep.


Badestege am Klopeinersee
Bath platform Klopeinersee

Lake Kleinsee

The natural Kleinsee in the middle of the conservation area
of Seelach, is seldom used for swimming or bathing because of its
low water temperature.
The reed belt and a building prohibition prevent also the formation
of a bigger settlement. Its natural beauty and silence attract
many guests to walk here.

Fish possibilities in the Kleinsee:
Leaseholders: Jauntaler Fisher club, Vesielach 1, A-9123 St. Primus.


Kleinsee und Klopeinersee
Kleinsee and Klopeinersee

Lake Turnersee

The Turnersee is an attractive lake, very suitable for bathing. The water temperature reaches similar values
as in theKlopeiner See and it enjoys particularly popularity from the camping-guests. The Turnersee
is surrounded by a wide swamp belt. Its altitude is 481m; the lake is 13 m deep, 800 m long and 700 m wide.

Turnersee mit Obier und Steiner Alpen
The Turnersee with Obir and Steiner Alpen

Lake Sonnegger See

Lake Sonnegger See in the heart of a
fairytale landscape. Clear water, lush meadows,shady woods and fresh
mountain air.

With its manageable size, the lake is highly
suited to families above all.

Sonnegger See in Kärnten
Lake Sonnegger See

Gösselsdorfer See

The Gösselsdorfer See lies in the middle of a national conservation area with a camping site and a beach. You can see the bottom of this
32 ha big lake at several places.
The deepest position amounts to 4,5 meters.
Fishing in the Gösselsdorfer See: mirrorgarps, gamegarps, shed carps, amurkarpfen, catfish, pike, perches, tenches, etc. can be caught.

Gösselsdorfer See
Lake Gösselsdorfer See
Pirkdorfer See
Pirkdorfer See in Feistritz

Lake Pirkdorfer See

Lake Pirkdorfer See is lokated at the foot of the 2,114m high Petzen.
It nestles magically in the natural scenery. All around are meadows
and forests, and in the background the mountain massif rises
like a protektive shield.

Völkermarkter Stausee

The Völkermarkter Stausee (reservoir)
and the Drau belong thanks to severe
environment measures to the richest
fishing waters of Carinthia.
There are enough fishing possibilities also by boat.


Völkermarkter Hafen
Haven Völkermarkt